The testing is over for the Formula One teams. It's time to head to Melbourne. Make no mistake. F1's spy wars are in full swing following this test. (More on that another day). But for now, the next time the cars hit the track will be for FP1 in Australia.

The last test of the pre-season saw the grid continue to shake down their cars and knock the rust off the pitstop crews. Full race simulations on both wets, inters and all the dry compounds had cars running almost constantly throughout the day.

At this point, we only have numbers to go by with who is fast and who isn't. Honestly, from my viewpoint at various locations around the track, it's anyone's game within the bigger teams. It would not shock me to see a Mclaren, Lotus, Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull on the podium.

It's going to be another great year.

Though I will not be covering the entire season, I will be in Canada and Austin. So look for more photos from me there. Until then, NASCAR, Indycar, Grand Am and ALMS are all on my schedule. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. More of my work can be found on my website.