The Dangers of Working in Pit lane

"Motorsport is Dangerous." That is what it says on the back of every ticket....and every media credential. As a working professional motorsport photographer, I'm well aware of the risks inherent with my job. I think most of us are. But a freak accident could snuff your life out in the safest spot on the track just… » 7/08/13 4:08pm 7/08/13 4:08pm

Back on the Island... Canadian Grand Prix 2013

I love Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. What an awesome place. For spectators, but also especially for photographers. It's like a playground for us to have fun with. Modern tracks are desolate with their enormous runoffs and empty grandstands. You're miles away from the cars and you need long glass with teleconverters to… » 6/11/13 5:45pm 6/11/13 5:45pm